D’vine Sounds Massive Vol. 1

D’vine Sounds Massive Vol. 1  €20

Aimed at the contemporary dancescene, this soundset is suitable for House, Dubstep, Hiphop, Techno, R&B and Pop.

It contains Leads, Sequences, FX, Dubstep Basses, House Basses, Poly Synths, Pluck Sounds, Pads and more.

Every sound have 8 Macro controls to play with, for easy tweaking!

Listen to the demos to hear the sounds!

Demo 1 – (Only drums, EQ and Compressor added)

Demo 1 – (Only drums, EQ and Compressor added)

Demo Made By Silverbakk – (Only drums, EQ and Compressor added)

72 sounds in total, delivered in both KSD format and the new format!

REVIEW: http://www.massivesynth.com/reviews/72-patches-dvine-sounds-massive-vol-1/

Please allow 24 hours for emailing the sounds after payment. (Will probably be sent to you much faster).


~ by oscardvine on October 17, 2011.

4 Responses to “D’vine Sounds Massive Vol. 1”

  1. Love your sounds. Silverbakk really put your sounds to good use. Good dubstep potential. A ‘buyer’ for sure.

    • Thank you! Yeah Silverbakk knows his stuff. While making this soundset i had alot of dubstep in mind. Lot’s of the more “regular” leads and so on actually work nice with dubstep.

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  3. […] the huge success of “D’vine Sounds Vol. 1” we had to make a follow […]

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