D’vine Sounds Vacuum Vol. 1

D’vine Sounds Proudly Presents the first soundset for A.I.R.’s Vacuum! The price? A small donation.

UPDATE: Donate €3 or more and get the D’vine Sounds Vacuum Bonus Pack! Extra presets for DB-33, Xpand2 and Mini Grand!

More here: https://oscardvine.wordpress.com/2011/11/10/attention-all-vacuum-users/

Vacuum is a great software syntheziser that is included for free in Pro Tools 8, 9 and 10! (I’ve heard reports about it working great in v7 as well though!)

So what can Vacuum achive? Well, funky leads, heavy basses, nice arp’s, cool and original effects and some funky weird stuff.

If you’re looking for some funk in your next Pop, House, Dubstep, R&B or Hiphop-track, look no further.

With this soundset you’ll get 110 new great sounding basses, leads, Arp’s and FX, made from the ground up! Mostly basses and leads though (Sorry FX-lovers!)

The inspirations for the sounds are mostly funk like Bootsy Collins, Funkadelic and Stevie Wonder. But also some modern dance and hiphop like Benny Benassi, David Guetta, Dr. Dre, Timbaland and so on. You get the picture.

To really get the most out of these patches, set up a couple of AUX:es and send the Vacuum signal to some Reverb, Chorus, , Delay, Distortion, Filter, Ensamble and/or any other of the A.I.R. effects (See picture!). Then you will really hear a beast come to life. Massive, Sylenth1 and Vanguard, watch out!

Single Sounds Demo (only a slight touch of reverb added)

Hiphop Demo. All sounds exept drums comes from this Vacuum soundset!

House Demo. All sounds exept drums comes from this Vacuum soundset!

Donate at least €1 to get 110 brand new funky sounds for Vacuum!



(Require Pro Tools 7 or later. Works only in Pro Tools!)


~ by oscardvine on October 30, 2011.

13 Responses to “D’vine Sounds Vacuum Vol. 1”

  1. […] not every day that we see a new preset pack for Vacuum, but today I heard about D’vine Sounds Vacuum Vol.1, featuring 110 new basses, leads, arp’s and FX for Vacuum. The majority of the sounds are […]

  2. […] Sounds Vacuum Vol. 1 is available as donationware (minimum donation of $1 USD).More information: D’vine Sounds Vacuum Vol. 1 No Comments Share/Save wpa2a.script_load(); GA_googleFillSlot("belowpost"); Older post:Loopmasters […]

  3. Hello, I made a donation but can’t find the sounds…

  4. Is it vst Supported or just rtas ?

  5. Hello, I made a donation but can’t find the sounds…

  6. […] the huge success of D’vine Sounds Vacuum Vol. 1, we saw there was a need for more Vacuum sounds! The feedback for the sounds was great, and people […]

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