My next buy’s…

Soon in my studio:

Maschine: Ever since this came out, i’ve been tempted to buy it. It’s simply one of those things that I really miss in my setup, a good groovebox!

I’ve never owned an MPC or anything like that, so this will surely be a nice experience! I luuuuuv HipHop so this thing gotta give the right feeling for it! We’ll see if it will replace my Battery 3 and Transfuser…

Reason 6: Been watching Propellerheads videos on this on youtube, and I’m pretty amazed. Neptune, Kong, Aligator, the new echo, Pulverizer, SSL mixing desk etc… Can’t wait to play with it!

I used Reason 4 ALOT when that was released. But when Pro Tools 8 came out, I made everything in there and have ever since. They fixed alot of things in v8, it suddenly became fun to work in Pro Tools! But damn, you can’t beat Reason’s workflow… I hope it’s still there in Version 6.

Reaper 4: I tried out the third version, but I didn’t really like it that much. I don’t know what’s changed in version 4 (not so much by the look of it) but I really need a DAW i can rewire into Pro Tools so i can make better use of my VST’s. I do have the vst-wrapper for Pro Tools but it’s not really cutting it for me. The main reason is that i want my Kore 2 software to work properly (damn I love Kore 2, can’t believe NI discontinued it… but hey, I got some free soundpacks and a discount on Maschine!). If I could i’d use Kore 2 on every track I make, but since it’s not stable I rarely use it. But I’ll buy Reaper and rewire it into Pro Tools. Problem solved! Only that is definatly worth $60!

Pro Tools 10: Even though the bad pricing, I gotta have this. Pro Tools is my home, and the software I know inside out. (Ok, not really, there are bunch of features, shortcuts and tricks i don’t even know of)

This update don’t bring that much really, the only stuff that interests me is the two new plug-ins, clip-gain, Delay compensation (it will be new to me, since I’m on Pro Tools 8 atm) and stuff like that.

I don’t know for sure, but it seems like this is the last update before it goes 64bit (I hope they’ll add track freeze and offline bounce as well!) and if this update is this pricey, next update gotta be waaaay more expensive. It probably won’t now that I wrote it, but you guys can thank me later. 😉


~ by oscardvine on November 11, 2011.

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