Nice plug-ins!

Just wanted to let you guys know of some great plug-ins which is on sale right now!

Let’s start with Rob Papen Delay & Distortion £10:

The delay is amazing. Really mindblowing! best delay for dance music thanks to it’s step sequencer. I would not use this for soul, rock or reggae though, it sounds to crisp and digital. A free alternetive for those styles are the amazing NastyDLY from Variety Of Sound. But for dance music, this delay is a must. Don’t be afraid to use the presets, cause they are dope! The distort plug-in I didn’t like so much. This,  as well,  is more suited for electronic music. The distort sounds like elektronic distortion, not guitar distortion. Although it got some really nice lo-fi effects, which you won’t find in guitar rig or amplitude for example.

Nomad Factory Mastering Suite $20:

The different plug-ins in at one great price! I don’t know if I would use these on the mastering bus though. There a bit to much colour on these for my taste. I’d rather use these on drumbusses, single instruments and maybe some vocals. worth the price? definatly, give’s you a little character for only $20!

Universal Audio Trident $129:

THIS SOUNDS SOOOO GOOD! That’s all I have to say. It’s amazing, it just makes everything sound radio-ready! easily top 10 buy’s ever!

Universal Audio Cambridge Eq $79:

I’m so glad I finally picked this one up. It’s a really nice graphic EQ, with it’s own sound to it. And not like “SynthEdit-vintage-sound” but really IT’S OWN! And you can do everything with this, hi-pass, low-pass, and everything in between! A really nice go-to-EQ. What i really love about this is it’s graphics, so you can see what it is doing.

Reaper 4 $60:

I told you I would, and I did. Bought reaper, got blown away and now i’m here. It’s great for software, not so great for audiofiles. It handles plug-ins like it’s never done anything else. I’ve read somewhere on the internet that it’s using only a fifth of the computers power compared to Cubase. Don’t know about the truth in that but it wouldn’t suprice me at all. But since it is so boring to use with audio, i think i’m gonna stick to pro tools, and route reaper into pro tools. sounds like a nice idea. now, anyone knows how?


Still waiting for maschine, ordered it a couple of days ago. It’s gonna be awesome!

~ by oscardvine on December 2, 2011.

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