Introducing The Vacuum Mini Packs!

After the huge success of D’vine Sounds Vacuum Vol. 1, we saw there was a need for more Vacuum sounds! The feedback for the sounds was great, and people were really generous!

So now, we’ve put together 8 mini packs – with 30 brand new sounds in each – for a great price!
You can also buy them all in a bundle  – 240 new sounds – for only €12!
Get The Bundle €12



(If the link is broken, just drop me a comment or send me an email and i’ll fix it right away!)


Presets:  04 Love, 12 Oddity, 20 Canada, 19 Apperance & 14 Hear my Fingers

Above you can hear the dry presets, nothing added. These leads are great for your next hit song with Kesha, or your synth solo for George Clinton! Vacuum is a beast at emulating old hardware synths, and you easily get the feeling of Oddity, Moog and other classics! In this pack you get 30 brand new leads, in many different styles. From Avicii to Sly & The Family Stone, when you need a vintage lead, this pack will have you covered! Below you can hear the same presets but with some FX!

Presets:  04 Love (AIR Reverb), 12 Oddity (AIR Chorus, AIR Dynamic Delay), 20 Canada (AIR Dynamic Delay, AIR Reverb), 19 Apperance (AIR Phaser, AIR Dynamic Delay, AIR Reverb) & 14 Hear my Fingers (EQ 3 1-Band, AIR Chorus, AIR Reverb)

FX €2

Presets: 02 Electric Bogaloo17 Swedish House, 20 Oh No,  24 Contemporary & FX 22 Minimal

If you are into Roger Troutman, George Clinton, Stevie Wonder or any other funk act, you should pay attention right here! Synth FX are great both in the background and in the front of a track. These were used heavily in the 70’s to create interest and wacky noises. Today you can hear the same tricks mostly in house, and it sure gives a robotic and vintage feel to any track! Above you can hear 5 dry presets, and below the same are treated with some nice plug-ins that comes with Pro Tools.

Presets: 02 Electric Bogaloo (AIR Reverb, EQ 1-Band),  17 Swedish House (AIR Reverb, EQ 1-Band), 20 Oh No (AIR Reverb, Mod Delay III),  24 Contemporary (AIR Reverb, Bombfactory BF76) & FX 22 Minimal
(AIR Reverb)


Presets:  01 So Ruff, 20 Fork In The Road, 17 Tickle, 14 Touch It & 08 Steven

The bassline is often the fundament of a tra… Yada yada yada, you know this. But when you need a bass-sound that will cut through, where do you turn? These basses got lot’s of character, is very playable and also quite pitch friendly for those crazy bass solos! If you liked the dry sounds, listen to them with some Pro Tools FX…

Presets:  01 So Ruff (AIR Enhancer, AIR Non-Linear Reverb), 20 Fork In The Road (AIR Enhancer, AIR Lo-Fi), 17 Tickle (AIR Enhancer, AIR Reverb), 14 Touch It (AIR Enhancer, SansAmp PSA-1) & 08 Steven
(AIR Enhancer, SansAmp PSA-1)

ARP €2

Presets: 28 Forget It, 27 Paper, 21 Ace, 16 Song Starter & 10 Game Changer

Ever heard of infectious arps? Maybe most heard in Trance, but arpeggios find their way into any musical style, from classical to dubstep. An arpeggio can get a track moving, and often turns a mediocre track into a great track. These arpeggios are snappy, trippy and funky. Play the right keys and these will become infectious…

Presets: 28 Forget It (AIR Reverb, Bombfactory BF76), 27 Paper (Mod Delay III, AIR Reverb), 21 Ace (Mod Delay III, AIR Reverb), 16 Song Starter (AIR Talkbox, AIR Reverb) & 10 Game Changer (Mod Delay III, AIR Reverb)


Presets: 02 Synthesized Timpani, 09 Weird Percussion Loop, 26 Synth Percussion Loop, 28 Weird Snake & 21 Guitar Mute

Remember what I said about FX in funk music? Well, same applies to these. If you want people to keep on dancing and keep enjoying that funky beat, you need some variations. And synth percussion stuff sounds weird, strange, wacky and… incredebly funky and groovy! Get a groove giong, copy it across  a couple of bars, and throw these in here and there (keep the grid off!) and feel the funky flow!

Presets: 02 Synthesized Timpani (AIR Reverb), 09 Weird Percussion Loop (AIR Reverb), 26 Synth Percussion Loop (AIR Chorus, AIR Reverb), 28 Weird Snake (AIR Reverb) & 21 Guitar Mute (Mod Delay III, AIR Reverb)

BASS 2 €2

Presets: 05 No Getting Over, 13 Good Golly, 07 Cash, 01 Ister & 14 Carwreck

Of course, you can choose another set of basses as well! This is another set of those charachter basses, ready to take your new track to the next level. These as well are designed to cover a broad spectrum of styles, not just house or funk, but will suite pop and rock as well! Most of the basses works really well as leads too if you play them one or two octaves higher. Just make sure to filter off some low-end so it don’t interfere with your bass och kickdrum.

Presets: 05 No Getting Over (AIR Reverb, Expander/Gate Dyn 3), 13 Good Golly (AIR Non-Linear Reverb), 07 Cash (AIR Chorus, AIR Phaser), 01 Ister (SansAmp PSA-1) & 14 Carwreck (AIR Multi-Delay)

Other €2

Presets: 01 Bass String, 05 Eaten Alive, 27 Forget It, 25 Chord, 06 Fifth Phonecall

These are sounds that really didn’t fit in any of the other category. These are everything from pad-like basses (01 Bass string), Dubstep screamer (05 Eaten Alive) to a real dance/house lead (27 Forget It). No FX, arps or percussion, just quirky leads, plucks and other tasty things! If you want the deeper side of Vacuum, this is the pack for you.

Presets: 01 Bass String (AIR Reverb), 05 Eaten Alive (SansAmp PSA-1), 27 Forget It (Bombfactory BF76, AIR Reverb), 25 Chord (AIR Reverb), 06 Fifth Phonecall (Expander/Gate Dyn 3, AIR Chorus)

LEADS 2 €2

Presets: 23 Swedish, 19 Mess, 16 So Safe, 30 Funkerman, 29 Glass

Yes! More leads! Since Vacuum is an awesome leadmaker, here are some more leads! As in the previous pack, these offer alot of variety and certainly has that vintage sound! Same as with the basses, play these 1 or two octaves down and you got a whole bunch of cool basses!

Presets: 23 Swedish (AIR Reverb), 19 Mess (AIR Chorus), 16 So Safe (AIR Reverb), 30 Funkerman (AIR Reverb, AIR Filter Gate), 29 Glass (AIR Phaser, AIR Reverb)

Get The Bundle €12

After payment is done you will be redirected to for downloading your product. I will send a password to open the rar archive to the email you’ve registered at paypal. If you want me to send it to another email, just let me know in the paypal note or you can reach me at:

Requirements: Pro Tools v7 or later. (Works only in Pro Tools!)

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